Call for papers and participation

2nd Workshop on Autonomous Software Systems at CBSoft


Many systems no longer depend on the traditional human operator to achieve some or all of the complex properties and adaptable behavior patterns necessary to meet demanding operational situations. Prime drivers for this shift toward systems that comprise minimal or no human element are the benefits of enhanced system performance, reduced life cycle costs and the ability to operate in hazardous or remote environments. In this sense, autonomous systems represent the next great step in the fusion of computing, sensing, and software to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the complexities of the real world.


To extend the state of the art in both engineering and application in the context of autonomous systems, bringing together researchers and practitioners involved in the development of techniques and applications of Autonomous Software Systems, to discuss the latest developments, trends and innovations concerning the theory and practice of such software.

Topics of Interest

The workshop will encourage submissions related to all topics in the area of Autonomous Software Systems, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Agent systems and agent-oriented software engineering
  • Autonomous systems simulation
  • Domain-specific applications of autonomous software systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Emergent intelligence for autonomous systems
  • Games and autonomous applications
  • Industry applications of autonomous software systems
  • Methods, infrastructures and tools for autonomous systems
  • Motion planning and scheduling
  • Ontologies for autonomous applications
  • Robotics and automation applications
  • Safety in autonomous software systems
  • Semantics for autonomous negotiation, orchestration, composition and execution
  • Service-oriented computing and autonomous software systems
  • Trust in autonomous societies
  • Unmanned systems technology
  • Verification of autonomous systems