Autosoft 2012

Welcome to AutoSoft 2012

AutoSoft is a CBSoft workshop, that will be held in the city of Natal, Brazil, on September, 23, 2012.

Deadline Extended to 29/06/2012

Autonomous systems represent the next great step in the fusion of computing, sensing, and software to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the complexities of the real world. The transition from passive to autonomous components turned software architectures into complex platforms that may contain many components that dynamically interact, and engage in complex coordination protocols. Transportation, aerospace, defense and finance are amongst some of the sectors shifting towards replacing the human operator by architectures and implementation technologies that are intended to provide overall system improvements.

AutoSoft intends to extend the state of the art in both engineering and application in the context of autonomous systems. The main idea is to bring together researchers and practitioners involved in the development of techniques and applications of Autonomous Software Systems, to discuss the latest developments, trends and innovations concerning the theory and practice of such software.




 Proceedings of AutoSoft 2011 is available here.

 Proceedings of AutoSoft 2010 is available here.