Invited Speakers

Wamberto Weber Vasconcelos - University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Dr. Wamberto Vasconcelos is a senior lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. His research work fits within the Agents, Reasoning and Knowledge themes. He will present three approaches to achieve openness in large-scale distributed solutions. (1) A suite of tools developed within a multinational (European) project to create open, scalable, and robust solutions based on organisational models; (2) A semantically rich approach to represent norms and describe mechanisms software agents and humans can make use of to interact with guarantees in an open environment; and, finally, (3) how a reference software agent architecture – the so-called belief-desire- intention (or BDI, for short) – was augmented with normative capabilities.

Renato Cerqueira - IBM Research Staff Member
Dr. Renato Cerqueira is a IBM Research Staff Member. His main research activities concern tools for distributed programming and middleware systems that have been used by research groups and companies, such as: IBM, PETROBRAS, Microsoft Research and GLOBO.COM.