The authors of the best papers will be invited to prepare extended versions of their papers after the workshop. The extended papers will go through an additional round of review.

The following awards will be given:

Submissions should indicate their eligibility for the award.

Members of the steering committee of the AutoSoft are responsible for choosing best papers, based on reviews made by PC members. Members that have candidate papers for the awards do not participate of the decision.

Best Paper Awards 2014

Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award
Title: Uma abordagem para o tratamento racional de normas de obrigação em ambientes de tarefas normativos
Authors: Pedro Aragao, Mariela Cortés, Gustavo Campos and Francisco Cruz

Best Student Paper Award
Title: Uma plataforma para agentes normativos baseada no modelo Huginn
Authors: Tiago Luiz Schmitz and Jomi Fred Hubner

Best Paper Award
Title: Reengineering Network Resilience Strategies using the BDI Architecture
Authors:Ingrid Nunes and Alberto Schaeffer-Filho